January 30, 2011

Intangible Philosophy

What up, my name is Adam Lipton. I am a junior in High School in San Antonio, Texas which is not exactly the most thrilling place to live on the planet. Ill keep my bio/intro short. The goal of my writings here is to let loose ideas in my head. I dont have a set theme but I think I will discuss current event quite frequently as well as discussions on whatever other subjects I am thinking about. Chris/Hank/Brian do not know this yet but after reading this post they will- I hope to have a section on my part of the blog for all four of us to have discussions on event or ideas as well as have short rants where we write back and forth with each other. I dont hope to have answers to the complex questions, but i do hope to open up space for communication that is typically frowned upon elsewhere. I hope that my blog will fulfill my role as an intellectual guerrilla to point out the flaws in the world we currently live in an attempt to bring those flaws to light. I believe that good thought provoking discussions are awesome and I encourage readers to post comments/email me and we can use those comments/questions as new starting points for "Lines of Fracture."

I wana give a big thanks to Hank for inviting me to this project and to Chris for letting me be a part of it.

Just on a side note I have terrible spelling/typing skills so forgive typos.

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