January 30, 2011

post-tangible philosophy

Brian D. Gonzaba here,
I'm your friendly neighborhood Critical Constructivist/wannabe post structuralist
Blues singer, future educator, and debater. I went to millard south and ran critical arguments. I've never had any formal training in the traditional aspects of debate and had to learn it later on (i know most of it all now don't worry). I came in to debate and the first thing i did was gain knowledge in the works of Georges Bataille. the first topic I ever debated was the poverty topic from 2009-2010, went strait to my first varsity tournament at KCKCC not knowing anything about the real structures of a debate round/tourney and ended up dropping in the bid round (bragging rights). In the two years debate experience I have I like to pretend like I know what I'm talking about now.

When it comes to critical debating I have done just about every aspect of it, started off as what some would call a "project debater" eventually in a year's time people started calling it "Performance Debate", I just call it life. I also like to think that I am pretty submersed in the literature of some critical revolutionary intellectuals, along with crazy avante garde ks (as evident by some of the arguments my team is known to run).

I guess you could call me a "PoMo standpoint debater", or a "performance nihilist"
a lot of my goals this year involve bridging the gap between pedagogical liberatory praxis and nihilism.

my three main authors are
spanos (read every book)
freire (read every book i could find)
kincheloe (critical constructivism)

but here's a list of authors i have read

hooks (notice I spelled it without caps)

I look forward to telling yall some stuff

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