March 12, 2011

Cascades of Resonance

I've talked about the writing of Gastón Gordillo before in reference to his great work on resonance. He has written another great essay going deeper into a discussion of how resonance has shaped networks of resistance in the middle east uprisings.  Anarchist without Content provides a good exert by Gaston Bachelard about how the reverberation of resonance is part of a becoming-expression. And finally Maximilian Forte at Zero Anthropology (a great blog for those currently not following it) about using the Exodus story to understand western conceptions of revolution that was inspired by the above discussions of resonance.

I wish I had the time to enter into this discussion of resonance, however I (and most of the other LoF contributors) have been busy with state debate tournaments. However, once spring break is over and all of us are done with debate you can expect much more output from the blog.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the mention. I like Gaston's work a lot, too.

    I'm hoping to come out with some writing on this soon. Working with a colleague on reverberation. We are hesitant about resonance and think most of the magic is in reverberation. Especially if resonance is understood in terms of signification, meaning, etc.

    Good luck at the st8 db8 tournaments.