February 10, 2011

ATTN: Debaters

As you prepare for up and coming district, state and national tournaments keep in mind that if you're not a senior you'll have to prepare for the Space topic. Just a friendly reminder for those of you not-yet-graduating debaters that when you have to go through the rigorous process of choosing debate camps to check out the UTNIF, a camp that a few of the posters here (including myself and Hank) have attended and thoroughly enjoyed.
Their program information for 2011 can be found here: www.utdebatecamp.com

Check out their blog here, there's some pretty interesting discussions already:

Contact JV Reed with any questions here: jv.reed@mail.utexas.edu


  1. Write a K card for us for the Space Topic please?

  2. You, and the rest of this blog. It'd be fun for you and productive for us.

    Haven't you always wanted to write your own cards?

  3. We MIGHT (absolutely no promises) at some point have a space month here at LoF sometime next year. Figuring out how to defend cards cut from a blog written by college freshman that are also debaters is your burden however.

  4. awesome possum, thanks for considering it