February 2, 2011

Baby Steps pt. 1

Just dropping by to give an update of Lines of Fracture. First I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone that has stopped by to witness all of our first awkward steps in the big world of blogging. I hope you enjoyed what you saw and have decided to add us to your blog roll and visit again, hopefully we will continue to provide you with entertaining posts. Now to just document some of the baby steps that LoF has accomplished so far:

-Moving on up:  LoF was officially launched by Chris's post Tangible Philosophy on the 30th, since then we have had 330 views, for those not so good at math that 110 views a day.
-Big Winner: The most views at once came today after the posting of Brian's had to talk about debate, he posted at 9:59, and at 10:00 we have 49 views to the site
-Divide and Conquer: We are officially an international blog, and have covered the entirety of north america. Out of our 330 audience members 229 have been from the states (including alaska) and 1 has been from Canada.
-Chromed Out: Chrome is currently the browser LoF is viewed most in by a 27% of our views, coming in close second is Firefox with 25%. There is also 10% of you who are still using Internet Explorer, come'on guys! Its 2011, get with it!
-Old News: We have already got so much posted that in order to view them all the "older posts" button actually has a purpose.

I think we are doing pretty good so far, and we will only get better. Adam has started an advice column to provide some humor here. We have had another wonderful author join our ranks, everyone should get acquainted with PJ Martinez here. And finally Chris promises a post on D&G in the coming days, so get excited.

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