February 1, 2011

Dear Adam

Our blog has taken on art, critical theory, and a bunch of other random stuff so I am adding something more...life advice! Growing up in the LA Times there was a column called "Dear Abbie" where readers would ask for adivce on all kinds of things from relationships to how to teach your kid to ride a bike.

Those of you who know me know that I probably the worst person to give life adivce but this is for the lolz. So write in your questions and they will be answered!

send them to linesoffracture@gmail.com and have the subject be Dear Adam. Hilarious scenarios to add to the humor effect are appreciated. Yes I will take these seriously if you for some twisted reason want advice from me.


  1. I thought Jeff was supposed to be doing this?
    Or wait, is that the fashion column? :]

  2. lol yes jeff might guest blog some fashion tips, because honestly we philosophy nerds need all the help we can get. ;)