February 1, 2011

Uber-tangible Philosophy

Howdy, my name is PJ Martinez and I'm a debater/senior at Mercedes High School, which is in a town named Mercedes. It's about as south as you get in Texas before you hit Mexico. I don't have too much to say as fellow contributors are, like I told Hank, out of my league. I was really excited/honored to be asked to contribute though, so here I am.

The majority of my high school career has involved an intense fascination with critical literature, dating back to when my coach/mentor, Hector, gave me an expando with some basic representations kritiks when I was a wee freshperson. My love affair with critical literature continued my sophomore year as my partner/hero, Marc, had us read nothing but critical theory. I've been doing it ever since.

I dig me some feminist literature, William V Spanos is a god, I'm big on security (bad), this year spurred my love affair with nuclear kritiks, and I've been really digging me some other deconstruction and post structuralism business recently.

Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as cool/hipster/artsy as my fellow radicals on this blog, so my posts probably won't consist of much poetry and art. I do get my kicks off of bashing neoconservativism, so I will definitely use this blog as a vehicle by which to vent those urges. I also look forward to discussing some classic kritikal literature and the new stuff that surfaces after I click "Publish Post". Not too sure what else I will contribute, I'll remain spectral about it.

In any case, it's a pleasure to be aboard. Happy kritiking.

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