February 24, 2011

A Comment on Libya

For those of you who don't know Libya is on the brink of "civil" war. While an unprecedented eruption of energy surges through the populations of North Africa(and Arab Nations), Moammar Gaddafi is waging a war against his people. A belligerent attack through means of mercenaries and aerial attack against the opposition(general population of Libya). Reports from multiple news agencies have confirmed that Gaddafi has hired African mercenaries from Libya's southern neighbors Chad and Nigeria, and like many other leaders of the nations involved in the uprisings has paid foreigners and local Libyans to fight for the "loyalist" cause. The latest counts reveal an estimated 1000 deaths against the anti-government opposition. Army personal have began and continue to defect and civilians are literally occupying and commanding military bases and strategic infrastructure in Libya. Kadafi's seemingly delusional vision of power has lowly been decomposed by the opposition and his "power" remains contained mainly to the very center of the Libyan capital Tripoli. What is happening is nothing less than genocide and we definitely cannot remain silent about the situation. Although luckily the deaths have not escalated to cataclysmic proportions we as contributors of the public sphere have to make sure that people do not forget Libya and the innocent people dying there.

Furthermore, Libya should help us understand the true gravity of the revolts taking place on the opposite side of the world. That Egypt's success would as Hank elegantly explained would resonate and infiltrate multiple regions of the world and actually precipitate armed conflict between the governed and the government. A wave of revolt that shot across the entire length of the sahara desert at the speed of light. Egypt, Libya, Algeria,Tunisia, Morocco, all regimes without fail were bombarded by anti-government protesters. Besides the phenomenon of this literal domino effect this spirit has found itself manifested in Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Jordan and has incredibly almost unbelievable transmitted across the Asian continent to China, and even North Korea. One fruit vendor that felt abused by his governments institutions literally started the fire that has proliferated through the "Eastern" world. One man and one action traversed space and time and ruptured the status quo as it was determined to be.

{This is not a topic that any one post can give sufficient acknowledgment and will require dialogue and participation to truly reveal its true potential to mold understandings}

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